.: "The bike is made from 3-D printed titanium and hand crafted by the bike builders over at Ti Cycles." -- Wired ['A Slick New Bike With Buzzing Handlebars That Give You Directions' July 2014] // link

.: "Drawing on Levy’s 25+ years of experience working with titanium and using INDUSTRY’s extensive design and prototyping knowledge allowed the team to innovate new processes and work with cutting-edge technology, such as titanium 3D printing, to produce various frame components." -- Cool Hunting ['Oregon Manifest Unveils Bike Designs' July 2014] // link

.: "Leveraging Ti Cycles' 25 years of working with titanium, INDUSTRY utilized their signature "Super Commuter" platform. The criteria for this platform is a titanium frame and sub-assemblies for its light weight and strong properties, belt drive for low durability, internal geared hub for effortless shifting, disc brakes, Dynamo for electronics, fenders, and internal wiring." -- Core 77 ['Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project: Meet the Contestants!'] // link

.: "The folks at Industry teamed up with local builders Ti Cycles for Solid: a Bluetooth-enabled two-wheeler that connects to a smartphone app monitoring bike maintenance and offers vibrating handlebars for head's up GPS navigation. A companion app, My Bike, keeps an eye on burned out lights and other potential upkeep headaches. My City, a second bit of software, serves as guide for blazing the bike lanes of your chosen locale." -- Endgadget ['Solid's Vibrating Handlebars Navigate Bike Lanes On Its 3D Printed Frame' July 2014] // link

.: Two elements of Portland culture — design and cycling — have combined for a new, high-end concept bike.
The bike, called SOLID, was created by the Portland firms Industry and Ti Cycles." -- Portland Business Journal ['Check Out Portland's Super Cool, Super High Tech, Super Bike' July 2014] // link

.: "At Friday’s party, we saw the Portland entry for the first time. It did not disappoint. Dubbed “Solid,” by the team of Industry and Ti Cycles, the bike drew lots of attention." -- BikePortland.org ['Five Cities Reveal ‘Ultimate Urban Utility’ Bikes: How does Portland’s Entry Compare?' July 2014] // link 

.: "Oregon Manifest's goal is to prompt the design of the perfect urban commuting bike - and in the process, give talented bike frame crafters and bike form designers the chance to show their skills." -- TreeHugger ['Is This The Best Super-Commuter Bike Ever?' July 2014] // link

.: "SOLID is an urban transportation machine created for the prestigious Oregon Manifest competition by a team of distinguished Portland designers and thinkers. Equipped with a Gates Carbon Drive belt system for low-maintenance simplicity and grease-free cleanliness, SOLID features 3D-printing technology, a mobile app and other innovative features designed to inspire everyday cycling with style and practicality." -- Carbon Drive Blog ['SOLID: a Portland-Designed 3D-Printed Bike for Modern Living' July 2014] // link

.: "The Oregon Manifest’s Bike Design Project concluded on Friday with each team from participating cities — Chicago, New York, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle — unveiling its idea of the ultimate utility bike during reveal parties and events in each city." -- Bicycle Retailer ['Bike Design Competition Ends; Prototypes Unveiled' July 2014] // link

.: "Industry, a Portland-based design consultancy, pairs their adaptive design philosophy with master titanium hand-built-bike expert Ti Cycles." -- All Things Rad ['SOLID – The First Connected, 3D-Printed Titanium, Lifestyle Bike' July 2014] // link 

.: Bicycle Times copied and pasted a press release. // link

.: "I don’t know about you but the idea of mixing the brainiacs at Ti Cycles with a major design firm and throwing in 3D printing and bunch of high-end electronics is pretty exciting stuff." -- BikePortland.org ['Go Boldy Into the Bike/Tech Frontier at Oregon Manifest Unveiling Tonight' July 2014] // link

.: "Creating A New Cycling Experience That Seamlessly Integrates Tradition And Innovation" -- Fast Company ['Exist: What's next for bike design?' July 2014] // link

.: "Celebrating the designs and individual stories behind the world's most influential, groundbreaking, and high-profile bicycles. This collaborative cargo bike is the ultimate pedal-powered pick-up." -- '1001 Bicycles to Dream of Riding Before You Die' Design Book pg. 878 [Quintessence Editions London, Rizzoli Publishing USA, June 2014] // link

.: "Dave Levy of Ti Cycles has gone all out on this unique ride. In Dave's Portland (USA) workshop, he has managed to create a titanium frame that looks nothing like the rest on the list, given the hyper extended top tube. The more impressive features include the custom ti racks with integrated mudguard struts, the u-lock holder and the Supernova dynamo light fittings." -- Cycling About ['The 18 Nicest Touring Bikes in the World'] // link

.: "Just a small note of thanks. I'm really blown away by the craftsmanship. I'm a born worrier I guess… was being cautiously optimistic that you guys could pull this off! I wont get to ride it for a little while, but it looks better than ever and the new head tube looks perfectly integrated with the tubing." -- Tim G. [April 2014] // link

.: "First off, I’d like to thank Dave Levy of Ti Cycles for bringing the kind of off-the-wall builds that simultaneously evoke a WTF reaction along with a Wow, that’s pretty cool. This is what we want to see more of at NAHBS." -- Bike Rumor ['NAHBS 2014: Ti Cycles' Full Suspension Fat Bike, 26" Gravel Grinder & More!'] // link

.: "In this installment of custom electric bikes from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show there is a retro e-cruiser with a classic gear shifter, a titanium e-mountain bike, and an electrified Santana tandem!" -- Electric Bike Report ['Custom Electric Bikes with BionX & Gates Belt Drive'] // link

.: "Our goal is to harness the potential of these forward-thinking collaborations by providing the winning team access to manufacturing resources and turning the winning concept into something consumers can buy and ride." -- Bicycle Retailer [Oregon Manifest 2014] // link

.: "The Green Arrow features a 26-inch rear wheel and a 27.5/650b on the front. The larger front wheel increases the angle of attack on bumps and obstacles, making it easier to roll over rocks, while the smaller rear provides a shorter wheel base and faster acceleration." -- Belted Blog by Gates Carbon Drive ['Custom eBike Showcase: Belt Drive BionX'] // link

.: "This Portland, Oregon frame shop built a 2.5-inch rear suspension onto its Gunther titanium fat bike with a Cannondale Lefty carbon fork up front." -- Bicycling Magazine ['Ti Cycles Gunther: Best of 2014 NAHBS'] // link 

.: "Award-winning builders participating in the showcase include Co-Motion Cycles, English Cycles, Calfee Design, Kent Eriksen Cycles, Ti Cycles, Dean Cycle Works, SyCip Designs, Boo Bicycles, Santana, Alternative Needs Transportation, and Connor Wood Bicycles." -- Electric Bike Action ['2014 Handmade Bike Show Goes Electric'] // link

.: "Got to see some great bike frames at the Expo this weekend from @TiCycles! Maybe I'll be making a trip down to Portland for a HYAK very soon!" -- @jmcalalang [Seattle Bike Expo, March 2014] // link

.: "Had the first ride on the Hyak this weekend. Super smooth, lively and fast... could not be happier!" -- S. McDade [March 2014]

.: "I got a heavy gauge wall thickness handlebar from you guys in 2011. It rocks, I love it and have many many days on the bar." -- J. Branham [February 2014]

.: "Right when you walk into the room, you have this guy staring at you." -- Bikerumor.com ['Oregon Handmade Show 2013: Winter Cycles, Strawberry, Igleheart and Ti Cycles'] // link

.: "Bicycle builders are a seeming dichotomy of laid-back good nature and intense attention to detail. This was apparent at the 6th Annual Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show put on by the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association at Sandbox Studio this weekend." -- The Oregonian ['Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show puts builders' passion on display in Portland'] // link | photos

"The first thing that caught my eye was the "CarGoAway" by Ti Cycles. This cargo bike has already been in the local news thanks in part to its second place showing at the recent Disaster Relief Trials competition; but I hadn't seen it in person yet." -- BikePortland.org ['Photos and notes from the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show.' September 2013] // link

.: "TiCycles Extreme Cargo Bike, with an electric motor by Eco-Speed. Powered by solar panels. Truly insane." -- Bike Love Jones ['Oregon Handmade Bike Show Goes Stroll'] // link

.: "Great job on the Merlin frame, worth the wait!" -- J. Wihebrink [September 2013] // link

.: "Ti Cycles from Portland, Oregon was on hand to display and demo their hand-built titanium cycles, like this full suspension fat bike with a lefty fork. Like riding a pair of Moon Shoes." -- PinkBike.com ['A Three Day Singletrack Binge in Oakridge, Oregon' September 2013] // link 

.: "Yes, the sixth annual OHBS was a special mix of keeping Portland weird while at the same time producing innovative ideas worth noticing... First up was the Ti Cycles booth and its CarGoAway creation, a solar-powered battery-assist cargo bike capable of achieving 32 mph on a flat road carrying a 200-pound load." -- Bicycle Paper ['OHBS Showcased: Innovative Ideas Worth Noticing' [September 2013] // link

.: "Checkout this wild cargo bike from EcoSpeed and TiCycles: “EcoSpeed, Ti-Cycles and others collaborate in introducing a brand new urban cargo bike design." -- Electric Bike Report ['Super E-Cargo Bike, Pope Gets E-Bike, NY Times & WSJ Coverage, & More [VIDEO]' [September 2013] // link

.: Portland Art Museum Special Exhibitions: 'Working Bike Saturday' (03-Aug-2013) and 'E-Bike Saturday' (24-Aug-2013) as part of 'CYCLEPEDIA Iconic Bicycle Design exhibition [August 2013] // link

.: "It's no surprise that two local companies are working together on a bike that eliminates the need for a car. The 'CarGoAway' is a cargo bike that the designer and builder hopes will become many people’s primary transportation." -- KGW NewsChannel 8 ['Portland firms team up on "CarGoAway" bike' July 2013] // link

.: "Portland's 30-mile catastrophe-themed urban bike competition returned for a second year Saturday with a splash and a lot of grunts." -- BikePortland.org ['Disaster Relief Trials bring cargo-bike heroism back to Portland.' July 2013] // link | photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 | photo 4 | photo 5 | photo 6

.: "Two Portland companies teamed up to create a new electric-powered cargo bike. They call it the Utility Horse." -- Portland Tribune [July 12, 2013] // link

.: "Mike Cobb was riding his boss' custom cargo bicycle worth thousands of dollars when the driver of a black Chevy Camaro backed into him in a Home Depot parking lot." -- The Oregonian ['Parking lot "cover-up" offers crash course on how not to handle fender-benders.' July 2013] // link

.: I just want to let you know that the modifications you made to my Litespeed Bella are great! I felt I could put power into the pedals and the spinning felt smooth. I am really happy with the bike!" -- S. Barrett [June 2013]

.: "Oh wow, this is amazing! It looks spectacular, better than when it was new!" -- C. Hardwick [June 2013]

.: "Very nice work on the repair. I rode the bike yesterday for the first time and it is very sweet." -- R. Larson [June 2013]

"The Ti Cycles bike looked almost like a perfect copy of my existing bike. The seat height, the reach to the bars, everything was perfect... The combination of the belt and the light and stiff frame makes the bike lightning fast up hills. A lot of my friends took a good look at the bike. Most were extremely impressed by how clean the bike design was. The drop outs are very elegant and the machined break for the carbon belt on the drive side chainstay impressed a lot of people. No other bike companies have come up with a better design in my opinion." -- D. Schneider [May 2013]

"I've been riding a Steel Hyak for about a year now, and love it. It's the nicest feeling bike I can recall having (even with my stem riser). I have a titanium Hyak as well." -- K. Hobkirk [May 2013]

"Africa was good. It was hard, but good. We had 16 days of riding + 3 resting days on the stretch from Khartoum to Addis Ababa. The landscape changed from everything from flat roads and tail wind doing an average of 40-50kmph, to endless climbs and high speed down hills. The surface was from perfectly paved roads to 100km of constant corrugation. Sometimes also proper dessert sands where your tires sinks properly in and the bike stops. The fork worked 100%. It was stable and good. Stiff enough in climbs and sprints as well as it was stable in really high speeds going down." -- Pål Fritsvold, 2013 Tour D'Afrique #2 Overall [April 2013] // link

"I have received the combo stem and bar and, let me say, it's a very piece of art. So beautiful the craftsmanship, the welds... in other words, you have done a great job!" -- A. Sacchet [April 2013]

.: "The fun-loving lunatics at Ti Cycles won for Best Belted Cargo Bike. We love this beast!" -- Carbon Drive Systems Blog ['Beautiful Custom Belt Drive Bike Spotlight: At NAHBS, Everyone’s a Winner' March 2013] // link

.: "The Steel Specialized Allez drive side drop out you fixed is still rolling great!" -- E. Reagan [March 2013]

.: "Sage Cycles is a new project from Dave Levy of Ti Cycles and David Rosen to build production titanium frames with design and finishing by Levy." -- BikeRumor.com ['Ti Cycles Gets Wise, Launches Production Titanium Bike Brand Sage Cycles' March 2013] // link

.: "You repaired the Litespeed frame well. I can ride no hands without a problem and have had it to 40+ mph on several occasions, which is about as fast as I want to go anymore. It is solid as a rock with no shake or shimmy at all. Thanks for the quality work." -- D. Penley [March 2013]

.: "A small price to pay for Awesomeness!" -- C. Deakins [March 2013] // link

.: "Dave Levy of Ti Cycles has been building bicycles since 1986. That experience really shows in the bikes Ti Cycles showed at this years NAHBS. Dave is a very qualified engineer, and one of the biggest bike nerds I know." -- BikeRumor.com ['NAHBS 2013: Ti Cycles Full Suspension Fat Bike, Innovative Electric Cargo Bike & Hydraulic Brake Line Coupler' March 2013] // link

.: "Gates Carbon Drive, in cooperation with Shimano and Primal Wear, awarded seven prizes at the 2013 North American Handmade Bicycle Show to custom bike builders who integrated the Gates Carbon Drive into their design. Portland-based Ti Cycles extreme cargo carrier featured two Gates Carbon Drives plus an electric-assist for hauling heavy loads." -- Momentum Magazine ['Best Belted Cargo Bike: Ti Cycles, Extreme Cargo Carrier' February 27, 2013] // link

.: "This was one of the most interesting bikes I saw today—a monster of a cargo bike, with a serious motor to help push an insane load, from Portland builder Ti Cycles." -- Dirt Rag Magazine ['NAHBS City Bikes' February 2013] // link | photo 1

.: "Perhaps the sickest bike I've ever seen." -- Matthew A. Trees [March 2013] // link

.: "Portland-based Ti Cycles pulled out all the stops with this one. The bike features two Gates Carbon Drives plus an electric assist for hauling heavy loads. And with its two belt drives, builder David Levy made sure to note that it has 100 percent more belt." -- Todd Sellden ['Best Belted Cargo Bike: Ti Cycles, extreme cargo carrier' February 2013] // link

.: "Gates Carbon Drive Systems and Shimano recognized builders at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) for their integration of a Gates carbon drive paired with the Shimano Alfine internally geared hub. Most Innovative Belt Drive Bike — Ti Cycles, extreme cargo bike with electric assist." -- Mountain Flyer Magazine ['Gates Carbon Drive Honors Innovative Builders' February 2013] // link

.: "This thing was so cool. Electric assist motor, integrated rear rack and passenget standing points, big front cargo box, and a bottle of scotch on the headtube. Claimed top speed of 30mph. Who needs a car?" -- So Radical ['Ti Cycles Cargo Bike' February 2013] // link

.: "It is a great race bike. I love it!" -- Jim Wagner, 2013 70+ Cyclocross Masters World Champion [January 2013] // video

.: "Bars are perfect. Thanks!" -- A. Steele [December 2012]

.: "Thank you so very much! We received the Merlin you repaired late yesterday. My husband was able to take a look at it this morning and was very very pleased. You did a terrific job." -- T. Scofield [November 2012]

.: "To be honest, I have so enjoyed the ride quality of this frame, which I have ridden many times in Alps, Majorca and Canaries, I have been seriously considering ordering a duplicate, but without S+S couplers, and with eyelets for mudguards, so I could also use it for winter riding in UK." -- B. Rowland [November 2012]

.: "I've had a Hyak since 1999 and I love it. So many happy miles. Thank you for building such a great bike!" -- J. Bissell [November 2012]

.: "At this year’s OHBS show, Ti Cycles was showing off the beautiful welds on their full-suspension 69er and their hard-tail. We have covered their 69ers in the past, however these were even lighter and featured more modern standards. Funny thing is, the first thing to catch my eye was the table of titanium bits and pieces that make you (me) want to go deeper into credit card debt." -- BikeRumor [OHBS 2012] // link

.: "That’s right in Portland’s wheelhouse. The city is already on course to establish a bike share system by 2013. It also has a thriving indie bicycle fabrication industry, led by companies such as Zen Bicycle Fabrication and Ti Cycles." -- Portland Business Journal ["Bicycling Serves as Economic Tool" July 2012] // link 1 | link 2

.: "I bedded the brakes last night and then took it on my short 20 minutes to the bike shuttle this morning. One word: badass. Can’t wait for the full ride home tonight." -- J. West [July 2012]

.: "15 years ago Ti Cycles built the perfect bike for me and it is still my favorite. Thanks guys!" -- D. Asch [June 2012]

.: "Ti Cycles Fabrication is based out of Portland, OR and David has over 26 years of experience building frames. In this video, David shows us this VPP titanium full suspension mountain bike that utilizes the Santa Cruz Blur rear end and mates it with a custom ti front triangle. David also discusses the next wave after 29ers and 650B….69ers!" -- MTBR.com [video interview] // link

.: "Dave Levy from Ti Cycles shows us a custom rando bike that won 3rd place in the Gates Belt Drive Competition. The bike also features TRP Parabox hyrdraulic disc brakes, custom anodized red levers, Light On! battery light system that can run for up to 10 hours, an iPhone mount with a Supernova USB plug for charging while riding, custom Ti Cycles titanium stem and seatpost, custom front and rear racks, and a titanium fork." -- Road Bike Review [video interview] // link

.: "Dave Levy from Ti Cycles shows us his ultralight flagship road bike with unique features such as butted main tubes and ovalization on the top tube, downtube and seat tube." -- Road Bike Review [video interview] // link

.: "On display at the FSA booth. You'll have to contact Ti Cycles about the licensing of the design, but it was done above board and with Santa Cruz's consent." -- PinkBike.com [NAHBS 2012] // link | photo 1 | photo 2 

.: "Ti Cycles won the 'Best Experimental Bike' award at NAHBS for this wild creation." -- Cycling News [NAHBS 2012] // link

.: "The conditions that have allowed this kind of cooperative, collaborative marketplace to take root and grow in Portland are described by Ti Cycles founder Dave Levy as a 'perfect storm'." -- BikePortland.org [NAHBS 2012] // link

.: "A Fully Loaded and Belted Titanium Randonneur Bike for Big Adventures" -- Gates Carbon Drive Blog [NAHBS 2012] // link

"We have a ton of great coverage headed your way, but we didn't want to make you wait, so here's a sample of some of the bikes we've been taking a closer look at." -- Bicycle Times [NAHBS 2012] // link | image 1 | image 2

.: "Portland Builders Take Home Five Awards at NAHBS (So Far)" -- BikePortland.org [NAHBS 2012 ] // link

.: "North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2012 part 4: Baum to Ti Cycles" -- Bike Radar [NAHBS 2012] // photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 | photo 4 | photo 5 | photo 6 | photo 7 | photo 8 | photo 9 | photo 10 | photo 11 | photo 12 | photo 13 | photo 14 | photo 15

.: "Biggest Year Yet for North American Handmade Bicycle Show," With a nice shot of the Ti Cycles booth. -- Pedal [NAHBS 2012] // link

.: "'Show me Yours' gives hometown fans a peek at builders' best." -- BikePortland.org [NAHBS 2012 Preview] // link | photo 1 | photo 2

.: "I’m the guy who broke his leg while you were building a bike for me prior to the 2007 Paris-Brest-Paris. I also have a Hyak. While I only completed 1030km of that ride, I did successfully complete the 2011 PBP on the bike you built for me. I’m very happy with the bike." -- Matt Dalton [February 2012]

.: "I just received my titanium seatpost and it's a work of art! A real beauty! It will fit perfectly with my old Merlin titanium. Thank you so much, I will maybe command a second one for my other Merlin." - gfl_fgl

.: "The bar here also has a display of frames overhead, but this time they are the work of local framebuilders including Renovo, Ti Cycles, Strawberry and Quixote Cycles." -- Bicycle Retailer [Culture: Eateries and Bars Add Bikes to Menu] // link

.: "Dave Levy of Ti Cycles (Portland) is turning a lot of heads. One neat feature of his bike (there are many) is the kickstand... which is also the seatstay and chainstay. It folds down to hold up the bike and then folds up and locks into place to become part of the frame." -- BikePortland.org [2011 Oregon Manifest Constructor's Design Challenge] // link

"Bike builders endure 51-mile 'field test' in Oregon Manifest Constructor's Design Challenge quest" -- The Oregonian [2011 Oregon Manifest Constructor's Design Challenge] // link

.: "Dave Levy, owner of Portland-Based TiCycles and a mentor to the University of Oregon student bike building team, demonstrates welding techniques. Levy, a custom bike builder, opened his shop to the students for the competition." -- Portland Business Journal [2011 Oregon Manifest Constructor's Design Challenge] // link

.: "Imagine the perfect utility bike. You use it to get to work, to go grocery shopping. Now imagine turning that vision into a working piece of art." -- Earth Fix by Oregon Public Broadcasting [2011 Oregon Manifest Constructor's Design Challenge] // photo

.: "The bars are great. I have tested them well. I have ridden many miles with them: a 24-hour race done solo single-speed; two 12-hour races; Kokopelli Trail Race; and may 100-milers as well. A big difference compared to my aluminum mary bars I had on the bike. Thanks!" -- Jeff Hemperley [July 2011]

"After the visit to Chris King, we headed to a very secluded forest road in the hills overlooking Portland to take a look around Dave Levy’s Ti Cycles workshop." -- Nine Little Tubes [June 2011] // link

"I'm extremely satisfied with your products." -- Soren Lund, Greenland [June 2011]

.: "[Your handlebar] looks great on my '93 GT Zaskar. Thanks again." -- Dave Thompson [May 2011]

"Just wanted to post a one-word review of my Ti Cycles 'Local Hero': Awesome. Thanks for the great bike." -- Seth Hosmer [May 2011]

.: "Yeppers that is one gorgeous handlebar. Just something about Ti... it is pretty much perfect, got it mounted up with the stacked shims, just perfect for the aeros. I am taking this set up out onto the Tour Divide in a couple weeks, so thanks a bunch for doing this so fast and so well. Thanks!" -- Jefe Branham [May 2011]

.: "This is absolutely not the best picture to lead with, but I just had to put it first. Titanium front end, Santa Cruz Blur XC carbon rear triangle = one sweet hack. Ti Cycles put this together with their custom built front end, and wasn’t the only “different” thing in their booth." -- Bike Rumor [NAHBS 2011] // link

.: "'The whole setup with fork and stem is a little over a pound.' Well, okay, maybe he does have a point." -- Dirt Rag Magazine ['Art On Wheels' NAHBS 2011] // cover | page 1

.: "A Matter of Substance: Five Builders Discuss Materials, Craft and the Philosophy of Independent Manufacturing." -- Mountain Flyer Magazine [NAHBS 2011 Exhibitor Guide] // cover | page 1

.: "Dave is veteran builder who moved to Portland from Seattle a few years back. He's showing off some gorgeous work. Of particular note is his belt-drive, 29-inch wheel mountain bike. Check out the twin-tube rigid fork and the extended seattube and downtube. Dave shows off his versatility with a titanium touring bike with some very special, one-off, cromoly racks. -- BikePortland.org [NAHBS 2011] // link

.: "NAHBS Austin is complete, with the three days of the show seeing attendance numbers close to those of the Portland show, with more bikes and vendors showing gems than one could possibly take in over three days. This is our final large gallery of studio images from the show, another hundred of them with bikes from Ellis, Bishop, Calfee, Arundel, Alchemy, DeSalvo, Ti Cycles, Ritchey, Spooky, Sarto, Kirklee, Geekhouse, Ira Ryan and Yipsan." -- Urban Velo Magazine [NAHBS 2011] // link | photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 | photo 4 | photo 5 | photo 6 | photo 7 | photo 8

.: "Ti Cycles carries the 69er torch... The singlespeed setup allows for chain or belt drive use courtesy of a neatly split driveside chain stay and there's even an integrated seatmast to finish off the truly unique look." -- Cycling News [NAHBS 2011] // link  | photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 | photo 4 | photo 5 | photo 6

.: "Ti Cycles showed off this striking 69er." -- Bike Radar Magazine [NAHBS 2011] // link

.: 2011 North American Handmade Bike Show -- Dirt Rag Magazine [NAHBS 2011] // photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 | photo 4 | photo 5 | photo 6

.: "Handmade Bike Show Rocks Austin, Belt Drive Bikes Win Top Honors." -- Gates Carbon Drive Blog [NAHBS 2011] // link | photo 1 | photo 2

.: "Dave Levy does indeed build the best bikes on the planet. I have now had several years experience racing his 24-KGP softtail at Nationals and Worlds in Masters Class mountain biking. It is the perfect blend of comfort and lightweight performance (sub 24 pounds with a Fox Talus™ fork and disc brakes). It climbs beautifully and descends much faster than I ever could with my hardtail. Thus far it has earned me both US National and World Championships. I have also had the pleasure of racing his Steilacoom cross bike for the past 2 years with similar results winning 2 US nationals in a row. Last year's conditions in Portland were exceptionally challenging and while my competition was getting a clean bike every 1/2 lap, I was able to stay on the Steilacoom from start to finish." -- Jim Wagner, M.D. [2003, 2005 US National Cyclocross Champion]

.: "I was in Morris, Illinois, last week, just southwest of Chicago at a Costco Depot... walking between buildings, a van from a concrete saw cutting outfit was parked with two workers packing up their equipment, when one bug-eyed guy; about fifty years old, remarked, 'You don't see that every day!' When I asked what he meant, he replied, 'A ten thousand dollar cart.' Of course I asked him how he knew [the cost of the cart], to which he replied, 'I sold bikes for twenty-seven years. The welds, see. The welds, they're perfect, not ground, sanded, just perfect. All this was hand done.' Then he asked who the frame builder was, and I told him just the name, Dave Levy. He thought for a minute, then replied, 'Ti Cycles, good stuff,' and proceeded to get in the truck and off he went." -- Sean Finneson, Ti Cycles customer [custom fabricated cargo cart]

.: 2010 Oregon Handmade Bike Show -- BikePortland.org // photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 | photo 4 | photo 5 | photo 6 | photo 7 | photo 8

.: 2010 Biketobeerfest at Hopworks Urban Brewery -- BikePortland.org // photo 1 | photo 2

.: "Thanks for all your help. I could really tell the difference riding home." -- Doug Smith, Ti Cycles customer [bicycle fit]

"Just wanted to let you know I received and mounted the handlebar tonight. Thanks for the rapid turnaround, its quality and finish exceeded my expectations! Can't wait to ride it tomorrow morning. Thanks again!" -- Byrren Yates, Ti Cycles customer [custom bend titanium handlebar]

.: "It just blows the others away. It's very durable. I feel like a speed demon, it just sticks on all the corners. It's super smooth and I have no fear of the wheel sliding out." -- Sherri Stedje, BBC Racing [1997 Masters National Criterium Champion]

.: 2009 Oregon Manifest Constructor's Design Challenge -- BikePortland.org [photo essay] // photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 

.: "It's absolutely true that I borrowed the split design from Dave and I gave him full credit when I spoke with the judges. I feel that it's also important to mention that I asked Dave's permission way back at the little OBCA bike show before, during Bridge Pedal registration a few years ago. Rody Walter (Groovy Cycles) and Darren Crisp (Crisp Titanium) have also used the same design." -- Sean Chaney of Vertigo Cycles [Winner 3rd Place @ 2009 Oregon Manifest Constructor's Design Challenge] // link

-- Aaron Menenberg [2001 US National Junior Cyclocross Runner-Up, 2000, 2001 Washington State Junior Cyclocross Champion]

Glenn Peroni: Ti Cycles team rider; US National Triathlon team member; North American Training Solutions triathlon instructor  -- The Daily Sun // photo 1

.: "The details on the frame are first-rate, with some of the cleanest welding I've seen on any titanium frame... On the road, the bike felt light and quick, with the cat-like cornering of a criterium rig coming at the expense of some straight-line, gawking-at-the-scenery stability. This is not the bike for the titanium tourist." -- Bicycling Magazine [Ti Cycles Hyak as Bike of the Month] // page 1

.: "Downsizing Titanium: Levy's custom Ti-Cycle looks like an overgrown mountain bike. But it's all road." -- Bicycle Guide [Hot Tubes column] // cover | page 1

.: "A true full suspension XC rig... This bike climbs like a frightened deer and handles the trails without flinching. The Skookum eats logs for breakfast... I was able to just roll up to and over everything in my path... Not once did the suspension suck away my pedaling power after I smoothed out my spin." -- Dirt Rag Magazine [product review] // cover | page 1 | page 2

.: "Many riders first approached the Skookum with Y-Bike-inspired trepidation, but always came back from rides asking, "Can I race it this weekend?" The Skookum is a full-suspension, cross-country bike that works to your advantage." -- Mountain Bike Action [product review] // cover | page 1 | page 2 | page 3

.: "Add up the cost of the tubing, the labor and the overhead and you have a $2000 frame with some attractive characteristics." -- Northwest Cyclist [builder profile] // cover | page 1

.: "Dave Levy got a blowtorch for his 12th birthday and he's been welding with it ever since. Levy... fires up that torch to build custom bicycle racing frames out of titanium, a wonderful material that's light and flexible. It's also notoriously expensive, elevating Levy's bikes to the level of status symbols." -- Puget Sound Business Journal [builder profile] // cover | page 1

TiCYCLES Fabrication | 15707 NW McNamee Road . Portland OR 97231 USA | 503.621.9670 | info @ ticycles . com