There can be any number of reasons for a frame material failure, but in many cases the root cause can be attributed to either defective or low quality materials, or to improper assembly or shoddy workmanship. Beyond that there are of course unforseen incidents and accidents--nasty yard sales on downhill sections of trail, inattentive drivers--that can also lead to catastrophic damage to a bicycle frame. Whatever the cause, whatever the bike, Ti Cycles can fix it.

When repairing a damaged or defective piece of tubing, Ti Cycles eliminates the first variable by using only the highest quality materials. We use the same high quality titanium and steel tubing for frame repairs as we do for our original bike builds, and that goes for all makes and models from other manufacturers.

Our peerless experience as fabricators of custom bikes for more than twenty years helps eliminate the second variable. The craftsmanship that goes into the performance and durability of our own Ti Cycles frames ensures that all of our work is of the highest quality.


Unfortunately, as any builder or shop will tell you, it is generally not economical to repair a damaged aluminum bike frame. The low cost and high availability of the material, combined with technical considerations in working with the material, will invariably mean it is less expensive to replace rather than repair an aluminum frame.

Although titanium is an incredibly strong and durable material, it is not completely infallible. Over the course of two decades Ti Cycles has repaired virtually every brand of titanium frame on the market, from low-end mass-produced imports to high-end boutique brands manufactured domestically.

Of all modern framebuilding materials steel is considered the most classic for a reason: it has seen the longest and most consistent use in the bicycle industry. An unspoken axiom to this fact is that steel frames can last so long as to become an inseparable part of a cyclist's life. The beautiful part is that not only can a properly maintained steel frame be ridden for decades, it can also be easily repaired.

Of course there are also times when a competent framebuilder is needed not to repair but to enhance a frame with additional features. From retrofitting older frames with disc brake tabs, horizontal dropouts and eccentric bottom brackets, to adding additional mounting points for racks and other accessories, to extending head tubes to accommodate the comfort of aging or injured riders, Ti Cycles can help dial any off-the-shelf frame in to your exact specifications or modify an existing bike for new applications.

Whether titanium or steel, no shop in Portland has repaired or modified more frames than Ti Cycles.

If it isn't broke, it may still need fixing.

Bicycle accidents happen all the time, and they aren't all high velocity impacts with automobiles. From professional racers to daily commuters, countless numbers of cyclists have damaged their frames without actually breaking them. Two of the most common forms of damage to bicycle frames are dents and misalignments.

While a dent may not result in an immediate and outright crack in a piece of frame tubing it can seriously alter the load bearing ability of the metal and compromise the structural integrity of the material. Such damage can lead not only to a change in handling characteristics but in many cases invariably leads to a later, more catastrophic failure.

As anyone who has ridden a twisted frame can tell you, a bike that is out of alignment can be not only uncomfortable but dangerous as well. Ti Cycles uses the same state-of-the-art alignment tools for all of our frame repairs and straightening that are employed in the construction of our new bicycles.


Dent removal.
Tube replacement.
Bottom bracket replacement.
Dropout conversion.
Head tube extension.
Frame alignment.

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