Few things in life are more rewarding than riding a Ti Cycles frame into the sunset, but building your own frame, by hand from scratch, is right up there.

A few times per year Ti Cycles offers customers the chance to build their own steel frame under the instruction and direction of veteran frame builder Dave Levy. Through our framebuilding classes we offer students the chance to work with the tools of a professional builder, seeing every aspect of the construction process that goes into creating their own steel bicycle frame and fork.

Ti Cycles framebuilding classes are a great introduction to the craft of bicycle frame building, both for the cycling enthusiast wanting the ultimate in personalized equipment or for a hobbyist wanting a glimpse into the world of professional frame building. Several past class participants have gone on to launch their own successful careers as custom frame builders.


Framebuilding classes are structured into four 8-hour sessions split over two weekends, with approximately 32 hours of direct, personal contact with one of the preeminent framebuilders in America.

Extra shop time is also available if needed, and all students leave the instruction period with a complete steel frame and fork, built to the same standards as our own Ti Cycles Custom frames, ready for paint. Students are free to build any style of frame that is compatible with the Hydra frame jig from Bicycle Machinery.

Did we mention personal? Unlike commercial framebuilding schools where class sizes can spill into the dozens, students in a Ti Cycles framebuilding class are never overlooked amongst a crowd. Maximum class size for all sessions is four students, ensuring plenty of face time and detailed personal instruction.


Classes cover all aspects of traditional steel frame building, including:
* Basic fitting
* Introduction to materials
* Tube mitering
* Lug preparation
* Drop out prep and brazing
* Lug brazing or TIG welding introduction
* Frame and fork alignment
* Finish work and braze-ons 


All classes are held in the Ti Cycles Fabrication frame shop in Portland, Oregon, and are of course subject to availability.


Along with 20+ years experience teaching frame building classes and 25+ years experience building custom frames, instructor Dave Levy has been an avid cyclist for more than 35 years. His experiences include racing both on- and off-road, coaching, trail riding, tandeming and touring. In addition to his work at Ti Cycles, Dave Levy is also the president of the Oregon Bicycle Constructor's Association


The cost of a Ti Cycles framebuilding class is $2400 for instruction, plus materials for a lugged or TIG welded frame and fork. Please inquire as to the availability of instruction in fillet brazing.

All materials are available through Ti Cycles.

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